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How long has it been since you came in for an exam? Remember to come in for a check-up and cleaning every six months and put your health first.

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Teeth Whitening

There are many things that can dull the color of and stain your teeth – including foods and beverages you consume – but also just the passage of time.

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Crowns and Bridges

Crowns and bridges are fixed dental devices that are cemented to healthy teeth or dental implants to create stability or cover damaged teeth.

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Tooth Fillings

Tooth decay is the damage that occurs when bacteria builds up on your teeth, creating acids that eat away at the tooth. Untreated, tooth decay can lead to cavities, pain, infection, and tooth loss.

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Today’s dentures are custom made to fit each individual. Your dentures are as unique as fingerprints and we will make sure that yours fit your bite and your mouth, and will return your smile to you.

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Root Canal

Tooth decay or trauma can cause damage to your dental pulp which results in an infection that if left untreated. This can result in tooth loss. We can prevent this from happening.

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Implant Dentistry

If you are missing one or more teeth, a dental implant can not only fill in the gap in your smile, but also protect your future oral health.

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Tooth Extraction

Our first priority is always to try and save your teeth if possible, but sometimes a tooth needs to be removed for cosmetic, health, or preventive reasons.

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Having straight teeth is important for both your oral health and your appearance. We can help you smile with confidence!

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New Patient Special*

$55 comprehensive exam and x-rays.

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